Before Your Tan Checklist
  • Try to make your Spray Tan appointment for a time that allows you to shower and exfoliate before your appointment. (If this is not possible, disposable exfoliating and cleansing mitts are available for purchase at LGS)

  • Avoid using deodorant, oils, makeup and moisturizers before your Spray Tan appointment as it will add a barrier on your skin and affect your results/development. If you are coming to an appointment directly from work, bring along baby wipes or moist towelettes to remove any solutions that could create a barrier.

  • Remove all jewelry prior to your Spray Tan and try to leave them off for at least 8 hours after. (Necklaces and bracelets could remove part of the tan)

  • When possible, try to wear dark, loose fitting clothing and footwear to and from your Spray Tan appointment. This will help avoid any rubbing or possible colour transfer to light coloured clothes. The products we use are water soluble but they do not wash out of all fine fabrics. It is always best to wear garments that you do not mind getting product on.

  • When possible, always shave at least 24 hours prior or wax 1-3 days before your Spray Tan appointment. Same day waxing could lead to uneven results due to the opening of your pores.

  • Exfoliate from head to toe preferably the day prior to your Spray Tan. Make sure you pay particular attention to areas such as your knees, elbows and ankles.